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February 23, 2010

just a short post

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go watch it in hd on my page,  it’s better! =b

i love the video, not because it has me in it, but it showcases my friend tim’s skillful camera/directorial/editorial work. =]


February 15, 2010

i’m either very fortunate or stupid, you decide with the following text

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i just bought $175 worth of gunpla today.

HGUC: Nu Gundam, Sazabi, Gyunei Guss Jagd Doga, RX-78-2 30th Anniversary, Char’s Zaku [i’m excited about these because they are all fairly new releases and they are getting close to pseudo pseudo-MG articulation, if that makes any sense whatsoever to ya, besides the Char one of course] also stoked about building the rx-78 alongside my friend tim, i’m gonna let him handle char’s since it’s an older kit and i trust him. he’s never built gunpla but has done like 1 or 2 plamo as a kid.

MG: Victory Gundam Ver. Ka with Clear Pieces + Victory Gundam Decals [recently saw a review, i wanted a pretty neat and compact kit and i sort of fell in love with the design along with f91 while playing dynasty warriors: gundam 2 with my friend tim]

not bad right?

on top of that, i also have to rebuild the Sinanju via sanding which is 93% done and spray painting and water slide decals

and as if that fix wasn’t enough to keep my withdrawals at bay, i’m gonna revisit my no grade Blitz, Duel Assault Shroud, Buster and Murasame Andrew Waltfeld 1/144 for revamping hopefully messing around with modifications/customizing/resin or putty in the process.

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