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February 26, 2010

wanna hear about my dream?

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alright neat!

yeah? okay cool.

i vaguely remember how it even started, but i do know i spray painted my victory gundam and i guess i apparently left it out in the sun to dry and the white paint got dark and dirtied up and started to crack while the shiny green didn’t and the only thing i could think of was because the white was cheap wal-mart paint and i got super pissed. so i took it apart and while taking it apart i noticed how simple it was and that it would be easy to repaint since all the pieces i need to redo don’t need any masking. the thing though, when i got to the last 2 pieces to take apart, like this was a whole kit, anyway, it somehow turned into a spray can where it was cut in half and that top piece, was cut in half again but vertically. it was very weird.

then it gets to the next part where i somehow got frisky with some chick and her retarded [no really he was retarded in the dream and wearing a karate outfit] walks in on us. i don’t think i need to add details to that.

p.s. the only thing i can think of why this was even in my head is because i know my cousin [who is autistic but in no way am i relating retarded to that] takes karate lesson.

that’s it.


p.s.i’ve gotta say, “what the fuck is in my head?”


February 25, 2010

victory wip 3

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just 2 photo updates today.

i will however stress that the mechanics and gimmicks in this kit are brilliant and amazing! it’s a shame only movement and an actual visual is the only way to justify it. perhaps a video then…

for now though, here:

February 24, 2010

victory gundam ver. ka WIP1

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just a photodump.

the following is taken directly from my da account.

just a selection of 4 of the best shots to summarize the 20+ pictures of my current WIP, the victory gundam MG ver. ka!


i love this kit, but i do hate how soft the plastic is, it especially sucks when you’re nub cleaning as the perpendicular areas tend to round off since the nub practically “melts” towards the edge essentially creating a flash mark which equals more cleaning. no idea what’s up with their polystyrene mold but i prefer the brittleness yet flexibility of ps pieces, like all the ones i’ve done before.

now for uso, this has got to be the easiest 1/100 gundam figure to paint ever despite his size, being a kid and all. i recommend you folks who’ve never painted their figures to start with him if you ever pick up the model, besides, i think it’s well worth it so far in the build. the only actual hard part was mixing the paints for the flesh tones. the hair doesn’t take a genius, just yellow and blue and red, sometimes just the first 2 [as with my paint] make sure you also buy a tiny brush, see picture for reference.

note however, that the molding for haro sucked ass. smelly sweaty ass, if that’s descriptive enough. it’s like a balled up snowball or a crudely made styrofoam sphere

that’s about it for now, i’m gonna unwind with gundam unicorn episode 1 now =b

the links and how to download a copy of your own is in the blog about it.

wip 2

February 23, 2010

just a short post

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go watch it in hd on my page,  it’s better! =b

i love the video, not because it has me in it, but it showcases my friend tim’s skillful camera/directorial/editorial work. =]

February 18, 2010

things are looking up. finally!

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so as i said i replied to a bunch of craigslist job posts and one of the listings i applied to was for Data Entry Clerk/Clerical Work. the guy left me a message [and i will elaborate as to why in a bit] and said he was initially looking at my resume to fill the data entry position but saw that i had background in graphic design and thought i’d be a better fit as one regarding their images, to edit and do photo manipulations with their online catalog of scuba gear. so anyway, the reason i ended up not answering was A) was not at home B) it was 7pm and thought no one would call at that time for a job position C) i was on a casual date with an actual female manga otaku! isn’t that insane, they exist! and she’s pretty cute, has her own business at 20 and has a sense of witty humor to boot!

so that’s about it for me, oh and i will be working with david woo this weekend regarding that law firm promotion project [brochure, website, employee tri-fold packets, basic and professional business cards].

should be some work comin’ my way! now that i think of it, i hope i’m not all of a sudden overwhelmed by the amount of work and fruition coming my way.

oh holy internet, i praise thee! =b
you make all manners of my life possible, how did i ever exist without you? [well i’d like to think so]

February 15, 2010

i’m either very fortunate or stupid, you decide with the following text

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i just bought $175 worth of gunpla today.

HGUC: Nu Gundam, Sazabi, Gyunei Guss Jagd Doga, RX-78-2 30th Anniversary, Char’s Zaku [i’m excited about these because they are all fairly new releases and they are getting close to pseudo pseudo-MG articulation, if that makes any sense whatsoever to ya, besides the Char one of course] also stoked about building the rx-78 alongside my friend tim, i’m gonna let him handle char’s since it’s an older kit and i trust him. he’s never built gunpla but has done like 1 or 2 plamo as a kid.

MG: Victory Gundam Ver. Ka with Clear Pieces + Victory Gundam Decals [recently saw a review, i wanted a pretty neat and compact kit and i sort of fell in love with the design along with f91 while playing dynasty warriors: gundam 2 with my friend tim]

not bad right?

on top of that, i also have to rebuild the Sinanju via sanding which is 93% done and spray painting and water slide decals

and as if that fix wasn’t enough to keep my withdrawals at bay, i’m gonna revisit my no grade Blitz, Duel Assault Shroud, Buster and Murasame Andrew Waltfeld 1/144 for revamping hopefully messing around with modifications/customizing/resin or putty in the process.

February 10, 2010

the most beautiful introspective experience you could ever have in life…

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a night at a hotel with 2 close friends and a visiting companion who i haven’t in so long

February 5, 2010

unicorn 3rd build is finally complete!

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and yes, the phrase rings true about 3s and charms…

anyway, i will let the picture speak for itself [i’m excited about taking photos tomorrow!]

February 2, 2010

unicorn 3rd build WIP!

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i am far too lazy to post the pictures prior to the picture you’re about to see below. i figured, they all lead to a completed frame anyway, so why not just put the completed frame. so here goes…

yes, he’s staring at you…

bring it on! -_- bleh

this is what i’ve done so far regarding water slide decals.

also, did anyone ever bother to read what it says above “FULL PSYCHO FRAME”

it’s gibberish! my macrolens proves it!

January 27, 2010

my life goal is so very clear now…

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i’d like to teach graphic design in college.

my plan is to get a job [i hope reaaal soon] to support my freelance graphic design goals and perhaps a small shop later in life.

finish my associates in graphic design at art institute since i’m only 12 credits short when i left due to my heroin addiction. [i’m an idiot i should have just finished it when i was there, that’s my only regret in life which can actually be changed]

then whenever i get all that and the things i need to be able to teach a course, i’ll do that as my day job/career while maintaining my small print shop/freelance stuff.

i’m so excited about starting this.

it kind of makes me feel grown up, lawl. and yeah i’m a late bloomer, always have been but once i start it i catch up real quick.

all this planning is to quench my thirst for gunpla, graphic design and financial security. and yes, in that order

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