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Char’s Zaku Version 2.0

no wip shots here. it was a pretty straightfoward build so i didn’t feel it was necessary, look forward to my 3rd unicorn build, i’ll definitely put wip shots there.

anyway, here we go.

some minor notes and what i did to the kit:

-cleaned nubs/piping tubes with hobbyknife technique
-had to glue some of the tubs down on the spring because if you didn’t notice there’s patterns on the surface letting you know which diameter of the tube is supposed to be facing out
-touch up painting with markers on the mono eye, plated silver marker on the rocket nozzles, plated silver on the hydraulics for the ankles, yellow pattern on the heat hawk and red dots above the strip [i didn’t do a clean strip i wanted it to look worn]
-just some minor panel lines and only used dry transfer decals, i only ended up 3 clear stickers, the back of the head where the pipes meet, the front of the waist where the pipes meet and the area between the rocket nozzles
-oh and top coat

-this kit is amazing, it’s very stiff and poseable and no loose parts aside from the back of the upper legs when you do a running pose or bend it, the 2 halves splits but it can quickly be fixed by pinching it between your index and thumb
-it’s a pretty straightforward build
-as for the new piping system for easier assembly, it’s actually much harder because the pipes get stuck on there and your hands start to get sweaty, your best bet is to just place a segment of piping in your mouth, crunch down on the runner it’s on and pull the tree away then spit it out and place it on the spring well at least that’s what i did =p

overall a great kit for char fans and gunpla fans alike =D

and now for the pictures

i hope i did a pretty close enough description above of the heat hawk but yeah, this is what i meant by it =p

i don’t bother with painting internals unless it can be seen. whenever i get a pg, however, i will paint the internals as there’s always some sort of gimmick with opening panels/flaps.

and now…

char kickaider! waaaaaaaaaah!?

and my favorite shot =]


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