Gunpla and life in general


well, in actuality it’s been done for a few days now, i just had weapons/touch up painting block.

a quick recap and some notes:

  • the articulation for the legs is excellent, just don’t expect to be doing any splits thought i don’t see why, they never did that in the anime. as for the arms, they can’t be held up horizontally side by side, only goes up to about 45 degrees
  • there are 2 ball joints for the head, on below behind the chin and one on the neck. it only has about a 45 degree spin as well
  • the jaw opens pretty wide, more so than previous kits
  • the knife cannot be stored but a separate fixed posed [folded up] one can, though it is molded in all black the other however has the blade in grayish blue and the handle in black
  • it comes with an adapter that can be used on any bandai action base
  • the entry plug is molded in the color as the blade
  • comes with dry transfer and foil stickers
  • it comes with 6 hand manipulators: 2 relaxed, 2 aggressive, 1 trigger finger, 1 fuel cable grip
  • this does not have the naked eva head unlike the earlier kit renditions
  • the breast armor can actually move [the black/green one]

all in all, this kit is the best one out there [excluding the earlier PG if you can even get a hold of it anymore] as long as you don’t mind the recolor but spray paint can fix that.

but without further ado…

i didn’t quite under stand the purpose of having to put a dry transfer on a foil sticker when they

could have just as easily printed EVA 1 on the sticker itself.

can you spot which dry transfer is the correctly placed one? the stupid things kept shifting until

i realized it was probably best to follow the arrows on the decal itself regarding the motion of transfer…

some bling for the eva army of two style =p

i’m too lazy to keep hitting the insert picture button so there’s not going to be any WIP shots. only finished shots.

on my next posting i will most likely just make a collage in photoshop beforehand and just insert one big image.

i think editing the images with all the neon greens and purples made my eyes hurt…

now who can tell me what episode this angle of shot is from?

couldn’t help it, just had to do both types of focus…

i like how it says NERV on there…

the running shot was such a pain to do, it took me 15 minutes to come up with a way to have the stand it was on not topple over.

it’s not as simple as you may think due to the biomecha’s figure, one foot cannot support the weight and distribution even while it was on a stand.

yes, it was edited out. can you tell? =p

the gatling gun was being so stubborn and my dumbass glued one of the hand manipulators without thinking ahead so i had to pry it open.

but anyway, i finally got it working and that weapon is just not practical for the figure.

that’s about it.

hope you liked the shots, i apologize if it seemed too short as i have a headache and like i said, hitting the insert button is tedious…


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