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High Grade

high grade kits, more specifically of the gundam variation generally range from 1/60, 1/144 and 1/100. there are however instances of 1/550 scales like the Dendrobium and Neue Ziel for example.

the 1/60 scale versions are nothing more than oversized 1/100 kits with some gimmicks here and there and a just a bit more articulation.

but to get back on track, high grade kits are pretty articulate although lacking in aesthetic detail in general, though newer kits like the astrea tyle-f and 00 gundam kits tend to blur that line crossing into mg like articulation, specifically the legs.

a quick recap and things to note about high grade kits:

  • it lacks an inner frame and the kit’s body is built upon polycaps situated where joints/movement are located and encased in hollowed out halves of limb segments. in essence the kit is a thicker hollow skeleton.
  • few panel lines and aesthetic details though newer kits as stated above are changing that
  • basic articulation to create simple dynamic poses
  • can range from 50-100 parts but no more than, though there are rare exceptions.
  • comes in 1/144, 1/100, and 1/550 scale
  • comes with foil/clear stickers and sometimes dry transfer decals
  • the fingers on the hands do not move, instead you are given choices of fixed poses [open palm, clenched/beam, trigger finger and sometimes a unique one] to use with your finished kit.
  • some kits come with 1/20 or 1/100 figures
  • in general the pieces are color accurate with more than a few needing basic touch-ups to replicate with is seen in the box art/booklet

in conclusion, these kits are a good start for a novice getting into gunpla or plamo in general or someone who already has 2 or 3 under their belt and would like more practice before diving into master grade kits.


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