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March 7, 2010

current life goal up ahead! [eager for it!]

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i have to stock up on gunpla as i will be saving up money to put up a freelance/personal+related work website to get myself out there better, dA is not gonna cut it and any realistic person knows that though ideally it’d be awesome, right?

aaaaaanyway, i’m glad i didn’t purchase $30/12 month worth of dA subscription.

so yep, that’s my current life goal, the PRS Gold Custom 24 guitar can wait even though it’s kick ass! [maybe by that time it will be lowered in price, or not! =b]

gunpla can wait after my bulk purchases, most likely though:

  • OVA Unicorn+cage
  • 2.0 RX-78+clear parts [with lines scribed similar to the lines found in HGUC RX-78 30th anniversary]
  • MG Wing Custom+clear parts
  • Qubeley MK II
  • hguc kshatriya
  • hguc unicorn+destroy mode
  • hguc geara zulu
  • more gundam liners/markers
  • tamiya acrylic bottled/spray paints [airbrush+compressor pushed back again]
  • scribing tool
  • new side cutters
  • surgical blade

and i think that’s about it which comes to a grand total of $400-$500 give or take a few.
obviously i’m not gonna buy this all at once, i’m slowly going to stock it up while also saving money for the site and paying bills [the little i have fortunately: cellphone, food, gas, extra to help my mom out with rent/utilities]

wish me luck!

-ruan justin legaspi


March 6, 2010

HGUC Sazabi WIP1

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just a small photodump =D

i decided to do a wash with tamiya clear red + tamiya acrylic thinner and gundam marker plated silver!

results are below [and quite amazing to boot!]

March 5, 2010

Nu Gundam WIP 3

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gettin’ close!

just gotta wait for the water slides to come in through special order at my local hobbytown usa.

March 2, 2010

Nu Gundam WIP2 Short Photodump

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i usually take the stickers and dry transfers out of kits first and put them away in my stash but for some reason i think i threw away the clear stickers that came with nu [the red A+unicorn head] though i recall holding it in my hand i can’t find it, oh well, just an excuse to use my 10% off coupon at hobbywave then and get another kit to make the $10 shipping worthwhile!

maybe i’ll just buy the Char’s Counter Attack set instead of having left over amuro water slide decals for both hguc and mg nu. i mean, why make a char’s counter attack water decal set that includes everything but 1/144 decals for either rivals!?

March 1, 2010

started on HGUC Nu Gundam

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here’s a photo dump of things done so far.

also, it never ceases to amaze me what a little plated silver [discontinued] gundam marker can do to a kit! + they really did a good job getting me back into the hguc line. a lot more details, panel lines, articulation and overall quality. if you notice, all the gray parts have a sort of glittery substance to them [reference the shield’s backing] that was a nice touch by bandai i thought =]

February 27, 2010

quick photodump of victory gundam

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Victory Gundam Linework Photodump!

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this took about 20-24 hours to get here. that includes cutting from the runner/tree, nub cleaning with the xacto knife and panel lining with minor paint touch-ups using gundam marker red + tiny brush [including dry time]

here’s victory in “gff pose” dubbed by “Z” from =]

Victory Gundam Complete!

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EDIT: what was i thinking calling this complete? i think i meant the physical parts not the lines or decals obviously =b

psyche! here’s a teaser though of the photo shoot for tomorrow.  i’ll have time to think of dynamic action poses for him to do.

February 26, 2010

wanna hear about my dream?

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alright neat!

yeah? okay cool.

i vaguely remember how it even started, but i do know i spray painted my victory gundam and i guess i apparently left it out in the sun to dry and the white paint got dark and dirtied up and started to crack while the shiny green didn’t and the only thing i could think of was because the white was cheap wal-mart paint and i got super pissed. so i took it apart and while taking it apart i noticed how simple it was and that it would be easy to repaint since all the pieces i need to redo don’t need any masking. the thing though, when i got to the last 2 pieces to take apart, like this was a whole kit, anyway, it somehow turned into a spray can where it was cut in half and that top piece, was cut in half again but vertically. it was very weird.

then it gets to the next part where i somehow got frisky with some chick and her retarded [no really he was retarded in the dream and wearing a karate outfit] walks in on us. i don’t think i need to add details to that.

p.s. the only thing i can think of why this was even in my head is because i know my cousin [who is autistic but in no way am i relating retarded to that] takes karate lesson.

that’s it.


p.s.i’ve gotta say, “what the fuck is in my head?”

February 25, 2010

victory wip 3

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just 2 photo updates today.

i will however stress that the mechanics and gimmicks in this kit are brilliant and amazing! it’s a shame only movement and an actual visual is the only way to justify it. perhaps a video then…

for now though, here:

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