Gunpla and life in general


my name is ruan justin pascual legaspi. i have a long name. i am 25 years old and i am obsessed with gunpla. i am also a struggling, emphasis on struggling, freelance graphic designer. you can view some of my work at

but i digress, let’s get to the point of this blog.

i remember watching my uncle build and hand brush military model kits like fighter jets and apache helicopters and being amazed at the intricate work. as a teenager i tried my hand at it. needless to say i was overwhelmed and was frustrated. whenever i did end up finishing a kit, i felt unsatisfied of my work. i remember getting my first and second gunpla kit in my late teens, it was a serpent custom and heavy arms custom 1/144. i still have them but with missing and/or broken pieces. then come my early to mid 20’s. i get my first  gunpla after i break up with my first ex, heh, couldn’t have come at a better time i suppose as it gave me something to do.

long story short, i started from that first kit to my collection now.

along the way gaining techniques and learning very quickly what to do and what not to do with the most minimal of tools at my disposal to achieve a pretty decent looking kit.

i am now slowly getting into the process of hand brushing with tamiya acrylics. my 3rd No Grade kit was a Duel Assault Shroud which was hand brushed using acrylics meant for canvas painting, yeah it left some awful streaks.

some [useless] stats:

  • i can panel line with markers no problem though i have still yet to master using a wash technique
  • i don’t sand and when i do it’s my very last resort. i prefer leaving 2-3mm of nub from the tree/gate/runner/whatever on the piece and slowly cutting away layer by layer until there is no more protrusion on the piece’s surface. then with my fingernail, i scratch away and blend the area where the nub was.
  • my 1st MG was a Zeta C1 Plus and it turned out sloppy
  • my 2nd MG was a Shin Musha with hand brushed Tamiya Gold Leaf paint which turned out excellent!
  • my 3rd MG was a Unicorn which turned out sloppy and pieces have broken off due to carelessness and mishandling of the finished kit

isn’t that weird?

i will stop writing because i will end up going on forever.

i suppose i will just let my work speak for itself. will try to make a page for my finished kits tomorrow, for now, sorry =\


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