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March 7, 2010

current life goal up ahead! [eager for it!]

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i have to stock up on gunpla as i will be saving up money to put up a freelance/personal+related work website to get myself out there better, dA is not gonna cut it and any realistic person knows that though ideally it’d be awesome, right?

aaaaaanyway, i’m glad i didn’t purchase $30/12 month worth of dA subscription.

so yep, that’s my current life goal, the PRS Gold Custom 24 guitar can wait even though it’s kick ass! [maybe by that time it will be lowered in price, or not! =b]

gunpla can wait after my bulk purchases, most likely though:

  • OVA Unicorn+cage
  • 2.0 RX-78+clear parts [with lines scribed similar to the lines found in HGUC RX-78 30th anniversary]
  • MG Wing Custom+clear parts
  • Qubeley MK II
  • hguc kshatriya
  • hguc unicorn+destroy mode
  • hguc geara zulu
  • more gundam liners/markers
  • tamiya acrylic bottled/spray paints [airbrush+compressor pushed back again]
  • scribing tool
  • new side cutters
  • surgical blade

and i think that’s about it which comes to a grand total of $400-$500 give or take a few.
obviously i’m not gonna buy this all at once, i’m slowly going to stock it up while also saving money for the site and paying bills [the little i have fortunately: cellphone, food, gas, extra to help my mom out with rent/utilities]

wish me luck!

-ruan justin legaspi


March 6, 2010

HGUC Sazabi WIP1

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just a small photodump =D

i decided to do a wash with tamiya clear red + tamiya acrylic thinner and gundam marker plated silver!

results are below [and quite amazing to boot!]

March 5, 2010

Nu Gundam WIP 3

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gettin’ close!

just gotta wait for the water slides to come in through special order at my local hobbytown usa.

March 2, 2010

Nu Gundam WIP2 Short Photodump

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i usually take the stickers and dry transfers out of kits first and put them away in my stash but for some reason i think i threw away the clear stickers that came with nu [the red A+unicorn head] though i recall holding it in my hand i can’t find it, oh well, just an excuse to use my 10% off coupon at hobbywave then and get another kit to make the $10 shipping worthwhile!

maybe i’ll just buy the Char’s Counter Attack set instead of having left over amuro water slide decals for both hguc and mg nu. i mean, why make a char’s counter attack water decal set that includes everything but 1/144 decals for either rivals!?

March 1, 2010

started on HGUC Nu Gundam

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here’s a photo dump of things done so far.

also, it never ceases to amaze me what a little plated silver [discontinued] gundam marker can do to a kit! + they really did a good job getting me back into the hguc line. a lot more details, panel lines, articulation and overall quality. if you notice, all the gray parts have a sort of glittery substance to them [reference the shield’s backing] that was a nice touch by bandai i thought =]

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