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February 26, 2010

wanna hear about my dream?

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alright neat!

yeah? okay cool.

i vaguely remember how it even started, but i do know i spray painted my victory gundam and i guess i apparently left it out in the sun to dry and the white paint got dark and dirtied up and started to crack while the shiny green didn’t and the only thing i could think of was because the white was cheap wal-mart paint and i got super pissed. so i took it apart and while taking it apart i noticed how simple it was and that it would be easy to repaint since all the pieces i need to redo don’t need any masking. the thing though, when i got to the last 2 pieces to take apart, like this was a whole kit, anyway, it somehow turned into a spray can where it was cut in half and that top piece, was cut in half again but vertically. it was very weird.

then it gets to the next part where i somehow got frisky with some chick and her retarded [no really he was retarded in the dream and wearing a karate outfit] walks in on us. i don’t think i need to add details to that.

p.s. the only thing i can think of why this was even in my head is because i know my cousin [who is autistic but in no way am i relating retarded to that] takes karate lesson.

that’s it.


p.s.i’ve gotta say, “what the fuck is in my head?”


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