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February 24, 2010

victory gundam ver. ka WIP1

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just a photodump.

the following is taken directly from my da account.

just a selection of 4 of the best shots to summarize the 20+ pictures of my current WIP, the victory gundam MG ver. ka!


i love this kit, but i do hate how soft the plastic is, it especially sucks when you’re nub cleaning as the perpendicular areas tend to round off since the nub practically “melts” towards the edge essentially creating a flash mark which equals more cleaning. no idea what’s up with their polystyrene mold but i prefer the brittleness yet flexibility of ps pieces, like all the ones i’ve done before.

now for uso, this has got to be the easiest 1/100 gundam figure to paint ever despite his size, being a kid and all. i recommend you folks who’ve never painted their figures to start with him if you ever pick up the model, besides, i think it’s well worth it so far in the build. the only actual hard part was mixing the paints for the flesh tones. the hair doesn’t take a genius, just yellow and blue and red, sometimes just the first 2 [as with my paint] make sure you also buy a tiny brush, see picture for reference.

note however, that the molding for haro sucked ass. smelly sweaty ass, if that’s descriptive enough. it’s like a balled up snowball or a crudely made styrofoam sphere

that’s about it for now, i’m gonna unwind with gundam unicorn episode 1 now =b

the links and how to download a copy of your own is in the blog about it.

wip 2


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