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February 18, 2010

things are looking up. finally!

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so as i said i replied to a bunch of craigslist job posts and one of the listings i applied to was for Data Entry Clerk/Clerical Work. the guy left me a message [and i will elaborate as to why in a bit] and said he was initially looking at my resume to fill the data entry position but saw that i had background in graphic design and thought i’d be a better fit as one regarding their images, to edit and do photo manipulations with their online catalog of scuba gear. so anyway, the reason i ended up not answering was A) was not at home B) it was 7pm and thought no one would call at that time for a job position C) i was on a casual date with an actual female manga otaku! isn’t that insane, they exist! and she’s pretty cute, has her own business at 20 and has a sense of witty humor to boot!

so that’s about it for me, oh and i will be working with david woo this weekend regarding that law firm promotion project [brochure, website, employee tri-fold packets, basic and professional business cards].

should be some work comin’ my way! now that i think of it, i hope i’m not all of a sudden overwhelmed by the amount of work and fruition coming my way.

oh holy internet, i praise thee! =b
you make all manners of my life possible, how did i ever exist without you? [well i’d like to think so]


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