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January 25, 2010

unicorn mg [3rd build] WIP

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i went all out on making this as close as possible to the illustrations in the novel.

i’ve noticed a pattern however that whenever i tackle an MG, the first 1-2 hours are just from me painstankingly perfecting the pilot’s paintjob…

here you go:

see what i mean? it’s insane to make modelers do that -_-

but i’m a glutton for punishment when it comes to this kind of stuff…

first layer done

2nd layer done

time to sit in my dry booth with the lid shut [cardboard box it came in that it came in]

that’s all i’ve worked on for now.

i’m taking my time on this one as it will be my last gunpla until i save up more money since i has no job at the moment…

anyway, i decided that i’m going to make my current destroy mode unicorn the unicorn one instead, so that means i have to dismantle the the chest part to get the flaps from it to use on my current WIP as i am stingy with the unicorn water slides as they are discontinued. damn bandai! i also have to take the open v-fin from the 2nd unicorn to my 3rd, and take all the nozzles so i don’t waste plated silver since it is also discontinued. damn bandai! hhmmm, i think that’s about it for now… oh, maybe the shield but i’ll think about whether i’m going to paint the unicorn mode’s shield gray like it is in the HGUC counterparts.



  1. I applaud you for this feat.. Those things are damn small xD

    Comment by Arein — January 26, 2010 @ 8:38 pm | Reply

    • yeah, very very tiny. but as you can see in the pictures, it still seems a bit “lacking” i think i need to put some shadows/black liner in there.

      Comment by ant1ph0n — January 27, 2010 @ 12:05 pm | Reply

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