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January 27, 2010

my life goal is so very clear now…

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i’d like to teach graphic design in college.

my plan is to get a job [i hope reaaal soon] to support my freelance graphic design goals and perhaps a small shop later in life.

finish my associates in graphic design at art institute since i’m only 12 credits short when i left due to my heroin addiction. [i’m an idiot i should have just finished it when i was there, that’s my only regret in life which can actually be changed]

then whenever i get all that and the things i need to be able to teach a course, i’ll do that as my day job/career while maintaining my small print shop/freelance stuff.

i’m so excited about starting this.

it kind of makes me feel grown up, lawl. and yeah i’m a late bloomer, always have been but once i start it i catch up real quick.

all this planning is to quench my thirst for gunpla, graphic design and financial security. and yes, in that order


January 25, 2010

unicorn mg [3rd build] WIP

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i went all out on making this as close as possible to the illustrations in the novel.

i’ve noticed a pattern however that whenever i tackle an MG, the first 1-2 hours are just from me painstankingly perfecting the pilot’s paintjob…

here you go:

see what i mean? it’s insane to make modelers do that -_-

but i’m a glutton for punishment when it comes to this kind of stuff…

first layer done

2nd layer done

time to sit in my dry booth with the lid shut [cardboard box it came in that it came in]

that’s all i’ve worked on for now.

i’m taking my time on this one as it will be my last gunpla until i save up more money since i has no job at the moment…

anyway, i decided that i’m going to make my current destroy mode unicorn the unicorn one instead, so that means i have to dismantle the the chest part to get the flaps from it to use on my current WIP as i am stingy with the unicorn water slides as they are discontinued. damn bandai! i also have to take the open v-fin from the 2nd unicorn to my 3rd, and take all the nozzles so i don’t waste plated silver since it is also discontinued. damn bandai! hhmmm, i think that’s about it for now… oh, maybe the shield but i’ll think about whether i’m going to paint the unicorn mode’s shield gray like it is in the HGUC counterparts.

January 23, 2010

le sigh

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why is it so hard to find a damn job and the difficulty is second only to actually landing one.

is it really that much of a surprise that i’d have a gap in my employment? i mean, who doesn’t at this point? [that’s the reason i wasn’t hired after my recent interview at lowe’s, i even had a referral which was my friend’s fiance, who they liked as a worker!]

ugh… it’s only been a year and a few months or so, and even then i actually was doing odd jobs [though rare] here and there up until october. so in actuality it’s only been a few months i’ve been unemployed. i also didn’t mean to sound prideful or whatever in the least bit either when i said that.

it’s just i’m frustrated is all. i hope the bilderberg group members all die a horrible and painfully slow death… why did i mention them you say? look them up and then go here [it’s in 12 parts] and listen for the part about them.

and yes, i ended up voting for him.

i need to get to bed

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severe headache + eye strain = painful…

i am such a perfectionist yet at the same time be a slacker.

i guess i’ll give an example, instead of sleeping i went and hunted down a custom header compatible theme with the most space for posts/pages.

the answer is rubric.

also, i made a custom header.

but before that i made several pages under finished kits and before that i spent time formatting the stupid page about eva-01.

i need to sleep now ugh…

January 20, 2010


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i’ve been real lazy the past couple days.

i have the eva-01 rebuild kit finished, i actually noticed/realized that bandai just rehashed their old eva-01 kit and fixed the arms because of two things!

the release date of the 2007 kit was months before the actual 1.0 movie was released but i mean, yeah sure production was pretty much done at the point for the movie… anyway

the 2nd reason, see the logo/marking on the outer bicep of the unit? yeah it’s a hexagon in the original series and movies but in the rebuild it’s suppose to be a pentagon with the bottom more elongated to form a point like a triangle would.

ugh, and i was hoping to repaint the green in red/orange to make it the “awakening” version, perhaps i’ll just buy the revoltech kit, it does have the cool effects parts for the left arm unlike the soul spec one.

i always say this but maybe tomorrow i will actually do something instead of just waking up early and sitting…

January 17, 2010

hello, this is my first post!

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the wysiwyg for wordpress is starting to annoy me.

i’m tired of editing and re-editing so here.

photographs and some notes about this build so far:

  • the plastic on this kit has a hardness between the PC pieces for joints and piping for Zakus. it’s quite annoying as the scratching technique to make nubs unnoticeable does not work as well.
  • minor flash marks all around make it difficult to distinguish what is excess and what is necessary
  • opted for gundam red marker instead of tamiya clear red
  • decided to panel line/flat coat the entry plug holder as it would have been difficult doing so after completion
  • panel lined the back of the head and placed the number “1” decal but no flat coat yet, it probably won’t get one until completion considering the surface is safe behind the helmet

although there are some negatives so far, i’m looking forward to working on this again tomorrow and completing it.


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